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Single Mom Support for Mother’s Day! Do Me a Favor and Sign the Petition!


Just in time for Mother’s Day, I wanted to give some love not only to the moms who have partners, but to the moms without.

Like many moms, I had no clue how challenging motherhood would be.  I texted my own mother this morning and said, “On my first Mother’s Day, I appreciate you more than ever!”

Now if I can sit here and say motherhood is kicking my butt, consider how challenging it must be for single moms.  While I have mastered say going to the bathroom and showering when it’s just me and Jackson (ladies – just put him in a car seat and he will have the time of his life observing your private rituals), I have those luxurious moments where I can just hand him off to someone who loves and cherishes him the way I do.

While I was pregnant, I befriended another pregnant woman who was embarking on the single mom journey.  I watched her struggle all alone, not just through her pregnancy, but now through parenthood.

So this post is a mega shoutout to her and all the single mommies out there.  My girl loves her adorable son (Jackson’s future BFF) so much that she makes up for his absentee father, who literally left her in the lurch in the middle of a serious relationship upon discovering she was pregnant.  While I don’t want to expose said deadbeat dad (hint hint, lead singer in Snowmine – wait, did I say that!?), what I don’t understand is how a man would want to miss out on such a miracle of life.  I see what joy Amon experiences when he discovers what little bits come from him, or daydreams about the day he can take Jackson to a Brooklyn Nets game.  What man would not want to experience his lineage continuing before his eyes?  Besides his obvious loss, I feel for my girl who will not receive the support from a partner that so many of us can easily take for granted.

So in her honor and in the name of so many other fatherless children out there, I would love for you to sign this petition and circulate it. It requires a man to step up to the plate during a woman’s pregnancy instead of leaving her alone and responsible for the emotional and financial toll that a pregnancy brings.

And as for this guy? She is better off without him, and her little man is lucky to have such an incredible mama.  All you ladies are doing a GREAT job, and soon your little ones are going to understand what powerhouses you are!

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  1. May says:

    Amen sistah! Sometimes we forget how good we have it when we have that extra set of hands. I give props to the single mamas out there that are pulling their weight plus the weight of their deadbeat ex. This poor girl. If I knew her (or better yet him), I would beat his ass! WTF is he thinking???????? He is a coward!