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We want to hear your story about becoming a single mom. And chances are hundreds of others want to hear it to.

So share the challenges you have faced, the solutions you may have found, or what you need help with. Chances are that someone else reading can relate.

Whether it is a deadbeat dad, a challenge balancing work with motherhood, health issues or relationship problems, our community wants to hear what you are dealing with – or what you have overcome. Join the conversation and discover the strength we have in numbers by sounding off now.

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  1. Breanna says:

    When I first found out I was pregnant and told my boyfriend, he was the excited one and convinced me to keep it. He told me he couldn’t wait to be a dad. He continued to drink, smoke, and gamble, often leaving me home alone for several hours and spending too much so we couldn’t cover bills. We went to get a 3D ultrasound done at 28 wks to see our daughter’s face. His mother rubbed my belly and told me she hoped it looks like HER. He kept going on about how he was so proud he got me pregnant and it rubbed my mom wrong, so she said “you aren’t ready to be a father. You drink, smoke, and gamble too much.”

    When we got home that night, he told me my mom “is completely disrespectful,” and when I defended her comment, he kicked me out. He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was 5 days old and has yet to spend a dime on her. I got a beautiful girl out of him. Sadly, that is the only beautiful thing to ever come out of that man.

  2. Susana says:

    Hello my name is Susana, and I am a widow, single mother of 5..four boys and, yes, finally the little girl…I became a widow 2 1/2 yrs ago. My husband had PTSD after he served 12 yrs in the Air Force. At the end, decided to take his own life. My two older boys have a father who sees them at least one time a month, maybe, but yes, he does pay child support. Got him for that. My two middle ones finally have their dad after two yrs of missing him when he left the state, he finally stepped up. Better late than never. He takes them on the weekends. And my daughter’s father decided to just skip out completely. He decided to walk into the highway on the 23 of Dec at 10:02pm, and died on the scene, but because of him and his yrs in the service we were left financially stable. FAITH and HOPE is what keeps me going, alot of it. God gives us so many beautiful things but also takes, that is just life. I tell all you strong single moms, hold on, please. It is not easy but, believe me when I say, “you can make it..” And if you have to cry, cry. And if you have to yell, yell!!!! I have finally embraced it. I am a single mother of five and, yes, this is my life now, and I will live it to the fullest…

  3. Shimine says:

    I became a single mom when I was 3 months pregnant we were engaged and happy. Once I told him, he said he was not ready for a family even tho our wedding was 6 months away. His family moved him to a different city and they immediately turned their back on me becuase of our religión and because of adultery. They feared the outcome of our irresponsibility. We got back together at the end of my pregnacy. I moved in for the last 2 months with him and his sister, but was kicked out 2 days before our co-ed babyshower because I found out he was cheating. He didnt even show up. On the day of delivery, for which I stayed in labor for 27 hours, he said he couldn’t come because he was hanging out with his cousin. He came close to pushing time and left after about 30 min. When he returned, his neck was full of hickeys. I started crying and he didn’t even care. He finally saw his daughter being born and didn’t even want to hold her, saying she didn’t even Look like me because she was fat-faced and light. I know, right. What an a-hole. Now she is 6 and he still does nothing for her, I have been seeking child support for her since she was a month old and have not received a dime even though he pays for his 2 yr old son who he has with someone else. He just got married this past Saturday and, even though I let my daughter go to another state to attend, he did not even let her be in the wedding. Smh. I need guidance on how to go about getting my daughter what she is intitled to.